Affordable mobile & drop-off shrink wrap services!


It is our goal to safely and effectively cover and protect your property from the effects of snow, rain, dirt and sun.


We have shrink wrapped everything from military equipment to pontoons, boats, jet skis, industrial equipment and much more.


We provide an economical option to those of us that do not have inside storage available for our valuables.

It’s All in the Prep

Our shrink wrap process begins with a considerable amount preparation. We like to use extra shrink wrap material to cover potentially sensitive materials on the boat or object. We cover all vinyl or non metal areas that our shrink wrap will lay on and then be heated up to shrink.

Contact us – 763.784.6728

We like to discuss a few things with you prior to our arrival at the site or you providing a drop-off. Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you.



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