Vados Shrink Wrap Service

Shrink wrap is a fantastic storage option

It provides an economical option to those of us that do not have inside storage available for our valuables.  People will also shrink wrap items for transport protection.  You can shrink wrap almost anything.  We have shrink wrapped everything from military equipment to pontoons, boats, jet skis, industrial equipment and much more.  We offer mobile shrink wrap service or you can call us and schedule onsite drop off service here at our Bait & Tackle shop for a per foot cost savings.

Our shrink wrap process begins with a considerable amount preparation.  We like to use extra shrink wrap material to cover potentially sensitive materials on the boat or object.  We cover all vinyl or non metal areas that our shrink wrap will lay on and then be heated up to shrink.  We also use extra shrink fabric to pad sharp corners or edges to prevent punctures through the shrink wrap.

As we are padding and attaching these protective layers we will also build a sub structure in your boat that will become the framework for the shrink wrap and it will create the snow shedding peak in the shrink wrap, especially on boats and pontoons.  This sub structure is made with 2 to 3 boards depending on the boat length and a very strong 1/2” strapping material.  We actually attach the shrink wrap to this strapping and it is then shrunk tight around the boat.  We will then also tie on straps to apply additional pull down anchoring the shrink wrap to the boat trailer or directly around the bottom of the boat.  Once the boat is shrink wrapped we put a couple of air flow vents on the shrink wrap.  These vents help to limit condensation keeping the inside clean and dry.  You will be able to drive at highway speeds home or to your storage site when we are done.

It is our goal to safely and effectively cover and protect your property or the inside of your boat/pontoon from the effects of snow, rain, dirt and sun.  We typically use the white shrink wrap material, it is a little less visually distracting than the bright blue shrink fabric.  We will meticulously clean up any scraps that we have made in the shrink wrap process in your boat and at your storage site.

What do you need to provide at the site were we will come and shrink wrap your boat or pontoon?  We like to discuss a few things with you prior to our arrival at the site.  The first thing to keep in mind is that we have to be able to safely position a step ladder all the way around your boat.  The area around the boat should be reasonably level stable ground and free from obstructions.  Secondly, shrink wrapping a boat does not mouse or critter proof your boat completely.  We recommend that you put Bounce dryer sheets in all of your compartments and on the floor of the boat.  I even recommend that you put a couple under your motor cover.  If you drop your boat off here at the store to have it done on site we recommend that you bring the dryer sheets here and put them in the boat when you get here so they don’t blow out on the drive here.  The last thing we like to talk to you about is what items if any do you intend to leave in the boat?  You may leave some things in the boat but keep in mind that we need to walk around in there in order to build our sub structure.  We should discuss your storage plans prior to us getting to the boat.  It is so much easier to advise you ahead of time.

Boat/Pontoon Shrink Wrap Pricing

  • On-site Boats: $15 per foot
  • On-site Pontoons: $16 per foot
  • Off-site Boats & Pontoons: $18 per foot

An extra 1 to 2 feet will be needed to cover motor (depending on style).
Sales tax will be added to all shrink wrap totals.

Please call to schedule an appointment.

Vados Shrink Wrap is located at:

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Phone: 763.784.6728

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